Ecofys study: Climate protection with rapid payback

Ecofys study: Climate protection with rapid payback

Ecofys study: Climate protection with rapid payback VIB Ondernemers in het Thermisch Isolatiebedrijf

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Current practice in industry is reported to lead to levels of insulation that are less than those
which would be cost-effective under current market conditions. This can result from the use of
design criteria based only on maximum safe surface temperature or based on generic heat loss
rates without consideration of the cost effective level.
It is also observed that in many cases thermal insulation in industry is poorly maintained and
parts remain uninsulated creating thermal bridges resulting in excessive heat losses. Poor insulation
not only leads to increased cost for energy and unnecessary emissions but also to higher
thermal stresses, which can accelerate wear and leading to more frequent breakdowns. Other
effects of poor insulation include reduced product quality and increased costs of maintenance.
In many cases, the loss of energy to work spaces that are climate controlled creates additional
burdens on cooling systems.
The industrial insulation industry is therefore convinced that there is a significant energy saving
and emissions mitigation potential related to improved thermal insulation in EU27 industry. This
potential is currently untapped despite being cost-effective to implement and offering the additional
benefits mentioned above. Against this background, the European Industrial Insulation
Foundation (EiiF) commissioned Ecofys to study this potential.

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